Medieval Engineers Server Shoutbox (and more…)

Page for my Medieval Engineers Server

You will find it in the Server-List as „Mudhenns Server – Prepaid until 24/04/2018“ or over It’s direct adress is

Actually the players on this Server agreed to this „rules“:

Non-Agressive PVP

Thaz means, it is possible to fight each other, but just when both are online and agreed to it, mor like a show-fight or to test your Stronghold

Long-Term Building

The Server is already payed until April 2018 and I plan to maintain it at least until then. I also plan to add persons to the management-console of the server, so that it can be updated or restartet even if I’m not able tol do it.


You will see that the „normal“ language on the server is english, that is because thats the common ground for most of the players. If there are only german-speaking persons online, we will switch to german and of course it is possible to ask in german and get an answer, if necessary.

But wait, there is even more than rules:


The shoutbox on this page is for short-term announcements from me or for the players to inform me of issues on the server even when I’m not playing.


I’ve added a screenshot-section under the shoubox to show some of the amazing buildings players did on the server. You can send your screens (from my server, of yourse) to screens at


Chat History

Open with /ch in the chat or by pressing STRG+SHIFT (right)

Storage Crates & more

See the Steam-Page here


See the Page here

Containers & Accessoires

See Steam-Page here

Server Messages